Famous Proverbs

1] Though it rains gold and silver there, it’s a foreign land; though it rains daggers and spears here, it’s our own country
2] Excessive happiness produces pain
3] To err is human
4] Those near the temple deride the gods
5] Acorns were good till bread was found
6] You cannot put a quart into a pint pot
7] If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em
8] Full of courtesy, full of craft
9] The deed comes back upon the doer.
10] Extremity of right is wrong
11] Fish begins to stink at the head
12] The joy of the heart makes the face fair.
13] Love can find a way
14] Sickness soaks the purse
15] The devil looks after his own
16] It is never too late to mend
17] Deliver your words not by number but by weight
18] Men are not to be measured in inches
19] There grows no herb t heal a coward heart
20] Suffering does not manifest itself
21] Every dog is a lion at home
22] One speak of rat droppings will spoil a whole pan of rice
23] A thief passes for a gentle man when stealing has made him rich
24] The rich knows not who is his friend
25] The money you refuse will never do you good
26] He who does not kill hogs, ill not get black puddings
27] As soon as there is life there is danger
28] One is what one eats
29] Blue are the far away hills
30] Misfortune makes foes of friends
31] Dirty water does not wash clean.
32] The Pen is mightier than the sword
33] Money breeds (or makes, or begets) money
34] Where every man is master, the world goes to wrack
35] Tomorrow never comes
36] Hunger is the teacher of many
37] The higher the mountain, the greater the descent
38] Every advantage has its disadvantage
39] All men are mortal
40] Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones
41] All is vanity.
42] If you put noting into your purse, you can take nothing out
43] Despair gives courage to a coward
44] Live and let live
45] Better be out of the world than out of the fashion.
46] Sow thin and mow thin
47] Bold men have generous hearts
48] He who says what he likes shall hear what he does not like
49] Gold will not buy everything
50] Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know
51] The hero appears only when the tiger is dead
52] How ever much you learn, you won’t know how to raise the dead
53] Bind the sack before it be full
54] There is many a true word spoken in jest
55] It foolish sheep that makes the wolf his confessor
56] Honest is the best policy
57] Anger and haste hinder good counsel
58] In wine there is truth
59] Beauty opens locked doors
60] Train the child in the way he should go.
61] A traveller may lie with authority
62] You may lead (or take) a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink
63] In doing we learn.
64] Well begun is half done.
65] Virtue and happiness are mother and daughter
66] A man apt to promise, is apt to forget
67] Though the left hand conquers the right, no advantage is gained
68] Hope is the poor man’s bread
69] The beaten road is the safest
70] Like mother, like daughter
71] It is ill sitting at Rome and striving against the pope
72] Experience is the mother of wisdom
73] Old age doesn’t protect from folly
74] There are more men threatened than stricken
75] He travels the fastest who travels alone
76] Slander leaves a sc ore behind it
77] Away goes the devil when he finds the door shut against him
78] If you have known one, you have known them all
79] Better to ask the way than go astray.
80] A door must be either shut or open
81] Better never begin than never make an end
82] Names are debts
83] Home is home though it be never so homely
84] Kinsman helps kinsman, and woe to him that has none
85] Friendship cannot stand always on one side
86] Necessity knows no law
87] He that asks faintly begs a denial.
88] Like master, like man
89] A creaking gate (or door) hangs long
90] In fair weather prepare for foul
91] He that would know what shall be, must consider what has been
92] Four eyes see better than two.
93] No man is a hero to his valet
94] You eat, I dreams, the custard of the day
95] The result justifies the deed
96] All things require skills but an appetite
97] No choice amongst stinking fish
98] The race is got by running
99] Every tub must stand on its own bottom
100] Money can influence even the spirits